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Demo Reel

Ktvu Mornings on 2 at 8am (april 30, 2019)

KSBY: november 6, 2018 election coverage

Planning and organization ahead of time goes a long way on election night. I am really proud of how our election coverage turned out. The crews in the field, production staff, management, and my fellow producers all came through for a night of quality election night coverage.

KSBY: August 16, 2018 6pm news

KSBY: August 6, 2018 6pm news

KSBY: Saturday, March 17, 2018

Full coverage of the release of video showing the death of inmate Andrew Holland. The video was leaked to a competitor, so we had to figure out other ways of telling the otherwise very important story. We did, however, have our own exclusive interview with the family. Instead of running lots of b-roll and OTS graphics, I instead chose to put the anchor at the video wall and picked relevant graphics for each of the multiple elements that we needed to cover in order to tell all sides of the story. This was a Saturday newscast.


A few select clips of my appearances on Al Jazeera's "Listening Post" program, which is broadcast in the U.S. on Al Jazeera America and to 240 million homes worldwide on Al Jazeera English. I participated in the show between 2009 and 2014. London-based producers assigned me topics to create 30-40 second viewer soundoff clips to be used in the viewer feedback segment. I often only had a few hours to research a story, write a script, film myself, edit, compress, and send for broadcast.


In Spring 2008, The Click Five's management and Atlantic Records assigned me to create a 2-minute walk-on video to be played on a giant screen before the band's performances on their headlining arena tour in Asia. The task was to get the crowd "pumped up" right before the band came on stage (admittedly not a difficult task judging by the band's die-hard fans). I had less than two weeks to pull it together. This is what came out of it. Many thanks go to Wayne Sharp for giving me this opportunity at such a young age.

Visuals: Elizabeth Attenborough, Charlie Guese

Score: Ben Romans

Created using Final Cut Pro and After Effects